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When people think of property, they usually think of buying and selling. But outside of transactions, there can be many legal disputes that can cost you time, money and even the property itself. 

To help you navigate the complexities of property law, with a particular focus on commonly occurring property law matters in Sydney, our expert team is here to guide you.

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InFocus Legal can assist you with all the most common aspects of property law.

Strata Law

Legal framework governing multi-unit property ownership and management

Off the plan

Purchasing property based on architectural plans before construction completion


Agreements outlining terms for renting a property

Retirement living

Housing options for older adults with support and amenities

Developments and subdivisions

Dividing land for construction or separate ownership titles

Rural land and water licensing

Regulations for land and water resource use in rural areas

Company title

Strata units under construction and land subdivisions.


Legal rights to use or access another's property

Option agreements

Contracts granting the right to buy or sell property within a timeframe

We’ll make sure your interests are protected and give you the confidence to make informed decisions.

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